About OBI

OBI - The Icelandic Disability Alliance

OBI is an umbrella organisation of 41 associations of people with disabilities in Iceland. Our member organisations all work at a national level. OBÍ is a non-profit organisation with no official funding from the state. OBÍ works towards social justice, improved quality of life in Iceland, irrespective of individuals’ physical or mental competence.

OBI‘s policy

is to fight for the rights of people with disabilities, regardless of individuals physical and mental ability concerning for example; the right to work, to live an independent life, have good living conditions, an accessible home and healthcare that people can afford.

OBI‘s role

being a knowledge center regarding the affairs and interests of people with disabilities and providing consultation and support.

OBI (Öryrkjabandalag Íslands)

Phonenumber: 530 6700
Email: obi@obi.is
Address: Sigtún 42, 105 Reykjavík - Iceland

OBI‘s associations

One society for all: story of OBI. Epos film. 2011. 

Epos kvikmyndagerð on Vimeo.